What is real LOVE?

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to find out more about REAL LOVE!

God loves you so much that He sent you
His son Jesus.

Do you?

If you have not asked Jesus into your heart then stop right now and think about it. It is really easy to do! Click the blocks below to find out.

Read "The Wordless Book" online.
Bible ABC's from House2House Ministries
Who is Jesus? - another great page from House2House
What is Salvation? from Cherbear
Here is a Great Devotional page for Kids:
Keys for Kids!

What is a Christian?

How can I become one?
Click on the cross below to find out.

Click this Cross to find out how to become a Christian
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Click here to learn more about this important free gift.......
Salvation is a FREE gift........but you first must receive it!!!!!!

Salvation Links:
God's Plan of Salvation - Salvation message by my friend Jennifer
God's Plan of Salvation - A Salvation message in many different languages
Campus Crusade for Christ's -
The Four Spiritual Laws
The Bridge to Life - A Classic Navigator Illustration of the Gospel
Steps to Peace with God - from Billy Graham's Association

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