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The Roman Catholic Church celebrates February 2 as Candlemas Day.
The candles used in the church during the rest of the year are blessed on February 2.

Compton's says that: Candlemas is a Christian festival on February 2nd;
commemorates presentation of Jesus in temple. It is an immovable feast.

What is Candlemas:
The World Book Encyclopedia says this about Candlemas:
"Candlemas Day, pronounced KAN duhl muhs, is a Christian festival observed on February
2. It celebrates what is now called the Presentation of the Lord, when the infant Jesus
was taken to the Temple by his parents according to Jewish custom. Candlemas Day
occurs 40 days after Christmas. It marks the end of the Christmas cycle.

The name Candlemas comes from the traditional observance of blessing candles and
distributing the candles to worshipers. The candles recall the lights of Christmas. The
candles also symbolize Simeon's words to Mary and Joseph in Luke 2:32 that Jesus would
be "a light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of thy people Israel."

Candlemas Day formerly honored Mary's purification after the birth of Jesus.
But modern observances have shifted the emphasis to Jesus."

Wiccans & Candlemas:
Well doing research I found it fascinating that Candlemas is celebrated by Wiccans.
So here is a page that explains why they celebrate it:
Candlemas Customs & Lore

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Don't forget that Candlemas is observed on February 2nd

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