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I will post the Cards & Gifts & Adoptions that I receive on this page!
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Click here to visit Donna's site and get your own Thanksgiving Card!!
~Received November 11th, 2001~
Thank you

Click here to get your own Thanksgiving Cookie from Gramma Hugs!
~Received November 12th, 2001~
Thank you

Cute Thanksgiving Adoption:
Click here to get your own cute Pilgrim Couple!!!
Received 11/13/01 - Thank you

Received 11/16/01 - Thank you Lisa!!
Click here to visit Lisa's Home Page

Received 11/18/01 - Thank you Renee!!
Click here to see Renee's Site!

Received 11/21/01 - Don't you just love this saying???
My son Jake adopted them too! He has them on his
Jake's Adoption Page

My Thanksgiving Pals was Adopted at Country Tidbits Graphics

Another Thanksgiving Lovely Card
Click here to visit Irene's Country Corner!
Recieved 11/21/01 Thanks Irene for the Cute Card!

More Thanksgiving Adoptions Links:
Click here to see my friend Leah's Thanksgiving Page
Adopt some Turkey Twins from Honey Brook Graphics
Heart Nuggets has Thanksgiving Nuggets to Adopt
Country Tidbits Graphics has Thanksgiving Pals Adoptions

Click here to get your own Turkey Twins from Honey Brook Graphics
Honey Brook Graphics has Thanksgiving Turkey Twins & Pumpkin Pals.

Cute Praying Pilgrims Adoptables:

Adopt your own Praying Pilgrims at Heart Nuggets!
Thank you Al. We also have them in Spanish too!!!

Click here to get your own Thanksgiving Adoptions!

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Al has created a special Spanish Thanksgiving Adoption. Visit:
La Página de "Adopciones, Tarjetas y Regalos de Acción de Gracias" de Annie

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My Cookie was Baked at Gramma Hugs Bakery!  Click here to get one too! and Click here to get the cute Pilgrim Pair in a Pumpkin!
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