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"We give thanks to God and the Father of our Lord
Jesus Christ,
praying always for you,"
~Colossians 1:3~

The last few days I have asked the Lord to show me what He wants me to write about for a new page. So often when we have so many things going on in our lives it is hard to really STOP and LISTEN for and to the Lord. I know and personally understand that in my own life. I think sometimes the Lord must have a big bullhorn in His Hand trying to get my attention and wondering why I won't listen to Him!

I have had a visitor of sorts lately. A big praying mantis on my screen door. It really is true that they look like they are actually praying with their hands clasped as they sit in a way that appears to be calm and relaxed and ALWAYS praying!! Then of course it seemed like that was my new focus from the Lord. Am I constantly PRAYING ALWAYS??? I know that I don't need to clasp my hands but am I in a state of CONSTANT communication with the Lord through prayer?

Of course the Praying Mantis hasn't read the Bible or learned that we are to "pray without ceasing" but hidden in a prayer closet. We are also not to boast or brag about our prayers either. BUT we can go to the Throne of God in prayer as believers anytime. We don't need to wait or to try to be eloquent with our words. The Lord WANTS us to talk to Him. He would rather you YELL or share all your thoughts rather then ignore Him. He knows the plans that He has for you with "a future and a hope"

Listen to the Lord and REST patiently in His arms. Try not to run ahead or to get off the path that He has for you. And always have that constant whisper of worship and praise on your lips. He hears and He listens and He does answer our prayers in His pertect timing.

I hope that this new page might connect with some of you on a personal note. This is not something you take and measure others by or with. It is for a personal measure or a check list or standard of measure as a Christian. Something to be a reminder that you can pray anytime and anywhere!

The Lord oftens used parables and even in the Old Testament God mentions the ANT, the BEE and other insects. Personally I am not a "bug person" but I have a nephew that could tell you anything you want to know about them. I guess that the Lord showed me about the Praying Mantis now I should be a "bug person" too. Thank you for the BUGS Lord!!

Here is How the Dictionary Defines

Main Entry: praying mantis
Date: circa 1890
MANTIS; especially : a European mantis (Mantis religiosa) that has been introduced into the U.S. -- called also praying mantid

What does the BIBLE say about Bugs and Insects?

"Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching
thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints."
~Ephesians 6:18~

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"Prayer is the practice of drawing on the grace of God."
~Oswald Chambers~

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