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"Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits,
even the God of our salvation. Selah"
~Psalm 68:19~


On my graphics links pages you will find the BEST graphics sites that I have found to share with you.

I thank the Lord for graphics artists without them these pages would not be the same. If I have forgotten to add your link it was certainly not my intention. Thank you all for sharing you talents and abilities with others.

As Christians we have a wonderful opportunity to share our faith with others through our web pages. I have many different pages to help you do that. This is just one of them. Adding graphics to our Christian pages makes them much more appealing to the eye. My other sites to help you are listed at the end of this page.

Some of the Graphics Artists that I enjoy have pulled their free graphics. I was very disappointed but I understand that they had people stealing their images and misusing them. They are selling graphics now and some are now offering a free set a week. I have graphics from most of these sites. Of course that was when they were all free. So I wanted to keep their links up. I am not promoting their merchandise or getting a kick back. They have some really cute graphics. Make sure you check their free sets regularly. You won't be disappointed.

I have listed many wonderful graphic sites on this page because I love graphics. These are the places I go when I need inspiration for new pages. I do not endorse all the information on all the sites listed on any of my pages. This page was started because with so many pages I couldn't keep up with where all the graphics were from. Even though I am a Christian that does not mean that all the graphic sites I have listed on this page are owned by Christians. You don't have to be a Christian to create great graphics. So PLEASE be wise and discerning when you visit any site on the Internet.
Enjoy your Graphics Treasure Hunt. Come back often.
I am always adding new sites.

Don't link directly to anyone else's server!!
Download the graphics to your own computer.

If you are unfamiliar with how to use graphics and the "terms" please visit this page from Billy Bear. It explains all the different terms about graphics and procedures that are used on the internet: Billy Bear's Clipart FAQ's

If you don't know how to download graphics please continue on down the page.

Copyrights and Credits:
When I started my pages many of the graphics pages were just getting started and were free for a link back. I am aware that some of the graphics artists are doing things differently now. When I hear from a graphic artist who requires new or different limitations I have tried to comply as soon as possible and have added word links on the specific page that a graphic is located. With older graphics and older pages it is hard to remember where I got all of them from. So if you are a graphic artist and would let me know what page and what graphic I would be happy to add a word link. Unfortunately I don't have the time to search endlessly and some sites no longer exist. As I add new pages I have been trying to add the links directly on the pages. So please don't wrongly misinterpret any of this as my purposely not giving someone credit for their work. I do have lots of graphics links pages that I have graphic artists links posted on. I do try to send a lot of traffic the way of the graphic artists. I will do my best to update things as I hear from you. Thanks for understanding and I do appreciate your help and assistance in this matter.

Just started putting the graphic artists site name in front of the graphic name. This let's me know where I got the graphic for certain. I also have been naming the folder for the graphics as the web address of their page. This way you can still put graphics by category. So you can put all your backgrounds in one folder or put their folder that you make when you download as a sub folder. For example: GRAPHIC: nameflbk4.gif and FOLDER: URL of their site (you can't put a slash or backslash in the folder name. Hope this helps you.

PLEASE don't link directly to my graphics for your message boards!!!!!!!
There are a few Christian Message boards that are linking directly to my graphics to make their message boards look nice. BUT in all fairness that is really considered "stealing bandwidth" on the internet and not fair to me or my server. So if you are part of these message boards please let them know that it is not the right thing to do. It is really disheartening to see this.

Suggestion for Saving Graphics:
I have started putting the name of the graphic site right in the name of the graphic. After the image name that the graphic artist gives it I type out the graphic site name with no spaces.
For example bk1.gif would be bk1nameofgraphicsartist.gif
This way I know where the image came from and if someone wants to know where I got a graphic then they can tell by the name of the image.
If you are going to save more then just one image from a site you can just highlight the name portion after you have typed it and then copy it. When you go to the next image just use the "ctrl then the v key" and it will go right where you want it too. Hope this makes sense and helps.


How to download images:

If you are using WINDOWS......Right click with your mouse on the image you want. You should see a small box or dialog box appear. Select/Choose and click (left unless otherwise specified) on "Save Image As...". Now another larger box will appear. Click on the file/folder you want to save the image to. Now you might think you are done BUT wait. You need to remember where you put it. This would be called the directory. I save my graphics to a folder called "graphics", that I have added to my "C" drive. I have also made the appropriate sub folders such as: backgrounds, icons, dividers etc.. to make it easier to find my graphic when
I create a new page.

If you are unfamiliar with how to use graphics and the "terms" please visit this page from Billy Bear. It explains all the different terms about graphics and procedures that are used on the internet:

Billy Bear's Clipart FAQ's
Don't link directly to anyone else's server!!
Download the graphics to your own computer.

The paragraph below is quoted from
"Do's & Don't Copyrights....the Graphics Do's & Don'ts page.

* "Do not link directly to a graphic. Don't include anyone else's URL in the BODY BACKGROUND or IMG SRC tags. This can cost the artist a lot of money which could result in their web site being shut down. If you don't know how to save or set up an image on your Home Page, ask the person whose page it is on. You will find they are as generous with help as they are in providing these graphics." HOPE THIS WAS HELPFUL!


Here are some GRAPHICS tips for you:

Don't know how to use a border background? Me either. That is why I started with tiled backgrounds.

Here is a page to help you learn how to use border backgrounds:

This tip is from "Chanda" Visit her site:
Chanda's Country Garden.
Here is a New idea for page backgrounds from Chanda:
"I'm sure you already know this, but maybe you could add it to your computer hints. I have found a lot of gifs and other graphics that I have tried as backgrounds.  There are a lot that actually make beautiful backgrounds.  You have to experiment with each one to check for breaks and smoothness, but some work out really well.  I go to my Front Page and change the backgrounds back and forth using gifs to see how they look.  Sometimes I find one that really looks nice.  Sometimes a gif is better suited to my desired appearance than a realbackground.  Try it sometime...."


Graphics Links & Tips Pages

So many of you have great pages with links of graphics sites too.
So I thought I would share them with you:
Cool Graphics at Peggie's Place!
CatWoman's favorite GRAPHICS links
Joanne's Graphic Links Page
Jill's Favorite Graphic Links Page
Marvelicious Graphics Links Page - lots of great links
Monica's page with links to graphics, fonts, midi, HTML-tips etc.

Graphics Webrings

Some of my favorite Graphics Webrings:
All Country Graphics & Clipart Webring
A Touch of Graphics
COCO Webring - "The Christian Only Country Original
Country Graphic Makers
Free Backgrounds and Web graphics
FWGRingHOME - ORIGINAL FreeWebGraphics RING!!! - in Japanese
Only Original Graphics Here!
Original Graphics on the Net Webring
Ring of Free Graphics Webring
Seasonal Graphics Webring
Simple Stationery SiteRing
The Heart and Homespun Country Graphics SiteRing
The Heartfuls of Graphics SiteRing
The Made with PSP SiteRing
The Original Designers SiteRing
The Original Linkware Graphics SiteRing

Web TV Users
Here are a few links for you Web TV'ers. It will help you with how to
upload graphics for free with a special FTP program:
Graphics for Web TV
Quick Key Charts from The Stone Family. If you have WebTV and want to
make your own Web Page visit this site for LOTS of treasures to help you.
For Web TV --
Web Page Building Hope and More Page

Important Info for AOL WebPage Designers
I just saw this on a graphics site and thought the AOL people might really
need to know this: "If you are building a site on AOL and are using a
AOL browser to copy and save images to your hard drive, turn off the
"Use Compressed Graphics" option ~ under your Preference menu. If you
do not, the images will be saved in a AOL proprietary format and may
appear as broken images to anyone visiting your site with a browser
other than the AOL browser."


How do you add music to your Site?

Where do you find Midi Files?
Visit these sites to find out:

Christmusic: MIDI hymns and worship songs
Split Infinity Music: Links
Pearson Music - Christian Midi files, Hymns SMF for worship
How to add midi sound files to your web pages
How to add midi sound files to your web pages
Marvelicious Midi's

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Annie's List of Great Graphics Spots

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