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"A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things:
and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things."
~Matthew 12:35~

Based on the August 9th Devotional from:
"Behold the Lilies of the Field - Daily Devotionals for Christian Women"
by Susan Schwartz

NOTE: I read this devotional and it blessed me so much that I wanted to share it with you. It is so easy to worry and fret about the "little things" in our life. We seem to just forget that the Lord is ALWAYS in control and that we can trust Him. Unfortunately we can very easily just go along our daily tasks and forget to give everything to the Lord. He is an awesome God and despite His majesty He still cares about every detail in our life. We just tend to forget to look at the complete picture. Today remember that God cares about every thread and stitch of your life. Thank Him for His love and compassion. Don't forget to seek Him in all the little details of your life. He does care about "every stitch and thread". Thank you Jake for doing the typing for me!!!! Hope you all are also blessed by reading this too.

Here is the August 9th Devotional:

"Why is that long, gray strand of embroidery thread hanging out of that closed drawer? And when I was outside with a friend, why was some thread clinging to her coat, not to mention all the other odd places I found it? Is it because I do a lot of knitting or crocheting? Is it because I do a lot of quilting or weaving? None of these crafts require embroidery thread so it is obvious that these guesses are wrong. The reason is that I do a lot of embroidering and sometimes I fail to get all the thread put away.

Why does worry creep into my life and show up at times when I wish it would not? Is it because God will not lead me aright or that He will not do as He said He would? No, because He will lead me aright and he will do as he said. The fault is mine when I trust my own reasoning more than the sovereignty of God.

Why do I find bitter struggles and strife within? Why am I not content to allow the Lord to have His way? I am not completely crucified and that is what gives the devil more of a grip than I realize.

I would not think of trying to convince someone that the reason the embroidery thread is so obvious around my house is because I always put it out of site where it belongs. Neither should I try to convince myself or anyone else that the reason my struggle is so obvious is because I always put self out of power where it belongs. My house is so much more orderly when I put the thread away and life is so much more pleasant when self is put away."


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