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Annie's Home Page - The Place to Come for Encouragement!
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Annie's Home Page

Here are some of the other banners to specific pages that
you can also link to. Jennifer from
Caleb's Country Corner has helped me
add text to many of the banners and made some others for me. Some of
the blank banners are from
Graphic Garden too. Thank you Jennifer!!!
You can see more of Jennifer's graphics at
Caleb's Country Corner!
Some of the banners are also from
HoneyBrook Graphics by Donna!

Annie's Holiday Page - A Christian Perspective on the Holidays
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Annie's Home Page - The Place to Come for Encouragement!
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Annie's "E-mail Encouragers" Page
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Annie's "Bee an Internet Missionary" Page
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Annie's Christmas Page
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Jake's Cat Page
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Annie's Directions to my House Page
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Annie's "Do you know what time it is?" Page
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Annie's Christmas Page
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Annie's "Flowers & Their Meanings" Page
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Annie's Chronic Pain & Illness Page
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Annie's "Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas" Page
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Annie's "Home Decorating Ideas" Page
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Thanksgiving Banner & Button:
Annie's Thanksgiving Page
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Here is my Thanksgiving Page Banner. If you would like
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download the banner and add a link to .
Thank You Pattie for my lovely banner.

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This Blank Button is from Graphics by Irene and I just
added text to it.
Don't know how to add text? Then visit:
Annie's "How to Add Text to Blank Banners & Cards" Page

Annie's "So you want to make a Christmas Page too" Page
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Annie's Card Shop Page
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Annie's Poinsettia Page
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Annie's Gingerbread Page
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Annie's Flag Day Page
This banner and the one above are from
Nutmeg Creations
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Or you can use this NEW Flag Day Banner from
Cute Countryside Graphics
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This banner is a blank one from
Ritva's Gallery
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This Blank banner that I added text to was from TD Designs

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Here is my St Patrick's Day Banners!!

You can add a link to my Annie's St Patrick's Day Welcome Page
The link would be:

This was a blank banner that was offered at:
North Wood Cabin Homespun Graphics

This banner can be linked to my Annie's "Pot of Gold" Page
This banner is from Donna at
HoneyBrook Graphics! Thanks Donna!

New Banners from Donna of HoneyBrook Graphics
for my French & Dutch Pot of Gold Pages.

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This banner above from
Dreamland Dollhouse Graphics

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The banner above was a gift from
Julia's Graphic Souvenir Shop

Click here to see a listing of all my St Patrick's Day Pages!
And you could always use my St Patrick's Day Button
that Kim from Kim's Whim Graphics made for my pages!

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Annie's "How to Add Text to Blank Banners & Cards" Page

More Banner Related Pages:
NEW - Annie's "Missing Children Banner" Page

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La Página de los Banners en Español de Annie

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Annie's Spanish Banner Page

Annie's "Christmas Quilt Pieces" Page - has my Friendship, Holiday and main page Quilt Squares too!
Annie's Valentine Banners & Buttons Page
Annie's "St Patrick's Day Quilt Pieces & Buttons" Page

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