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"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up."
~1 Thessalonians 5:11~

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I am so excited about offering my SECOND Adoptable for you to ADOPT!!
You can add her to your web page or even use her as a Sig Tag
for your EMAIL!!!

My new adoptable was from an Anonymous Friend and purchased
Dee's Drawings!!! So THANK YOU to whoever was so kind and gave
me this lovely gift to share with YOU!! I am so happy to be
able to offer "Annie's Bible Story Girl" for you to Adopt.


If you would like to adopt "My Bible Story Girl" please just send
me an email at

Make sure you tell me the following:

Email Address:
The Page you will be adding "Bible Girl":
Which certificate you would like:
If you will be using "Bible Girl" as a Sig Tag please let me know:
If you do use her as a sig tag please make sure you add a link back to:

"My Bible Story Girl" was Adopted at Annie's Home Page

Other Sites that have Adopted
"My Bible Story Girl":
Annie's Home Page
Your site will be added here if you decide to Adopt the Bible Girl!
I will add the sites where "My Bible Story Girl" finds a home below!

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