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"They will celebrate your abundant goodness
and joyfully sing of your righteousness."
~Psalm 145:7~

"This is the day which the LORD hath made;
we will rejoice and be glad in it."
~Psalms 118:24~

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January Holidays:
1st -
New Year's Day
1st -
Kwanzaa Ends - Dec 26th thru
Jan 1st
6th -
7th - Orthodox
16th -
Martin Luther King Jr Day - always the third Monday in January
26th -
Australia Day Page
20th - American
Inauguration Day -is
always on the 20th day of January
every 4 years
29th -
Chinese New Year

February Holidays:
1st -
Be An Encourager Day card link
2nd -
Groundhog Day
2nd -
5th -
Super Bowl Sunday! Usually the last Sunday in January!
6th - Waitangi Day in New Zealand
8th -
Boy Scout Day - card link
12th - Lincoln's Birthday
13th -
Tu B'Shvat*
14th -
Valentine's Day
20th -
President's Day - 3rd Mon
in Feb
22nd - Washington's Birthday
22nd -
World Thinking Day
24th - Flag Day (Mexico)
28th -
Floral Design Day
28th -
Mardi Gras - Tue before
Ash Wednesday
February is
Black History Month
International Friendship Month

March Holidays:
1st -
Lent Begins
1st -
Ash Wednesday - 7th Wed
preceding Easter
1st - St. David's Day in Wales
1st - First day of Autumn in
Australia and New Zealand
3rd -
World Day of Prayer is the
1st Fri in March
6th -
Fast of Esther*-another site
8th - International Women's Day
12th -
Girl Scout Day - official site
13th - Commonwealth Day in Australia, Canada, New Zealand
and United Kingdom
14th -
17th -
St. Patrick's Day
20th - First Day of
20th - Canberra Day in Australia
26th -
Mothering Sunday in the UK -
the 4th Sunday of Lent
Rosh Chodesh Nisan-another site
March is Women's History Month

April Holidays:
1st -
April Fools Day
2nd -
Daylight Saving Time Begin's - First Sun in April
3rd -
Find A Rainbow Day
6th - Orthodox Easter
9th -
Palm Sunday
13th - Pesach/
14th -
Good Friday
16th -
Easter visit here for an explanation of The Date of Easter
22nd -
Earth Day - 22nd day of Apr
23rd - Orthodox
Easter visit here for
a page with dates for
Orthodox Easter
23rd - St. George's Day in the UK
25th -
Yom Hashoah* - Holocaust
Remembrance Day
25th - Yom Hazikaron* - Israel
Independence Day
25th - Anzac Day in Australia and New Zealand
26th -
Yom Ha'Atzmaut*
26th -
Professional Secretaries Day -
Wed of the last full week in Apr

28th -
Arbor Day - Last Fri in Apr
29th -
Yom Hashoah* - Holocaust
Remembrance Day
30th -
Queen's Day in The

May Holidays:
1st -
May Day
4th -
National Day of Prayer - 1st
Thursday in May
5th -
Cinco de Mayo
6th -
National Nurses Day
6th - Yom Hazikaron* - Israel
Independence Day
7th -
Yom Ha'Atzmaut*
7th -
Internet Evangelism Day - (Official Site)
8th -
VE Day - card link
9th -
National Teacher Day - first
Tuesday in the first full week of May
9th -
Lag B'Omer - another site
9th -
Yom Yerushalayim* - Jerusalem
Day - another site
14th -
Mother's Day - 2nd Sun in May
20th -
Armed Forces Day
16th -
Stepmother's Day
20th -
Ascension Day
22nd -
Victoria Day - First Mon
preceding May 25th in Canada
24th - 30th -
Turn off the TV Week! - (their
official site link)
29th -
Memorial Day (observed) - Last
Mon in May
29th - Spring Holiday in the UK
Space Weather Week is 1st week of

June Holidays:
1st - First Day of Winter in
Australia and New Zealand
2nd -
4th is
Pentecost (Whitsunday)
5th -
National Gingerbread Day
6th -
D-Day - card link
14th -
Flag Day
15th -
Corpus Christi (Spain)
18th -
Father's Day - 3rd Sun in Jun
17th -
Fast of Tammuz 17
19th -
Juneteenth - card link
21st - First Day of
24th - St. Jean Baptiste Day
in Quebec


July Holidays:
1st - Canada Day (Observed)
4th -
Independence Day
14th - Bastille Day
23rd - Parents Day - 4th Sun in July

August Holidays:
3rd - *Tisha B'Av or
Av 9
6th -
Friendship Day - First Sun
in Aug
6th - Hiroshima Day - WWII
A-Bomb used 1945
7th - Civic Holiday in Canada
(except Nfld, Que & YT)
11th -
Chinese Valentine's Day - card link
15th - Assumption Day
19th - National Aviation Day
28th - Late Summer Holiday in
the UK (except Scotland)

September Holidays:
1st - First Day of Spring in Australia
and New Zealand
3rd -
Father's Day in Australia
and New Zealand
4th - U.S. and Canadian
Labor Day
- 1st Mon in September
7th -
Brazil's Independence Day -
link is at Irene's Site
8th -
10th - National
Grandparent's Day -
1st Sun after Labor Day
11th - Patriot Day
11th -
Remembering the Pain of
September 11th!
11th - 17th, 2006 -
Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness
16th -
National Step Family Day
16th -
Mayflower Day
17th is
Citizenship Day in the US
17th - Women's
Friendship Day
17th - 23rd is
Flower Week
23rd - First Day of
Autumn or Fall
23rd -
Feast of Trumpets
Rosh Hashanah*
National Hispanic Heritage Month is
Sept 15th thru Oct 15th
24th - 30th is
"Scriptures In Schools Week"
27th -
See You at the Pole
is 3rd Wed in Sept
*begins at sunset the day before!

October Holidays:
2nd -
Yom Kippur*
8th - National Children's Day - 2nd
in Sun Oct
8th -
Clergy Appreciation Day - is
the second Sunday in October

9th -
Columbus Day Observed - 2nd
Mon in Oct
9th -
Canadian Thanksgiving - 2nd
Mon in Oct
16th - National Boss Day
18th - 24th -
21st - Sweetest Day - 3rd Sat in Oct
22nd -
Mother-in-Law Day - 4th
Sun in Oct
23rd - Labour Day in New Zealand
24th - United Nations Day
25th -
Shemini Atzeret - other site
26th -
Simchat Torah
29th -
Daylight Saving Time Ends -
Last Sun in Oct
31st -
October is Pastor Appreciation Month
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

November Holidays:
1st - All Saint's Day
2nd - All Soul's Day
5th - Guy Fawkes Day
7th - Presidential
Election Day - 1st
Tue after 1st Mon in Nov
11th -
Remembrance Day in Australia,
Canada, New Zealand and the UK
11th - Armistice Day
11th -
Veteran's Day
23rd -
Thanksgiving in US 4th Thu
in Nov
30th - St. Andrew's Day in Scotland

December Holidays:
1st - First Day of Summer in
Australia and New Zealand
Advent Begins
7th - Pearl Harbor Day
16th -
Hanukkah* Begins
22nd - First Day of
24th -
Christmas Eve
25th -
26th -
Boxing Day (Canada)
26th -
Kwanzaa Begins - Dec 26th
thru Jan 1st
26th - St. Steven's Day in Scotland
31st -
New Year's Eve

* The observance of all Jewish
begins at Sundown on
the preceding evening and ends
at sundown on the days listed.

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NOTE: -- President Bush signed
the Energy Bill and
we will have MORE Daylight Saving
Time! It would be 3 more weeks
in the Spring and 1 more week in the
Fall of Daylight Saving Time!!
We won't start the changes until 2007!

"This is the day which the LORD
hath made; we will rejoice
and be glad in it."
~Psalms 118:24~

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