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~Holocaust Remembrance Day is Celebrated on April 12th, 2010~

"These are the feasts of the LORD, even holy convocations,
which ye shall proclaim in their seasons."
~Leviticus 23:4 KJV~

Here is what The World Book Encyclopedia says about the Holocaust:

"The Holocaust. World War II began in 1939. The Nazis soon conquered large parts of Europe, bringing most
European Jews under their domination. The Nazis then began their campaign to exterminate all Jews. Firing
squads shot more than 1 million Jews. About 4 million more were killed in concentration camps (see
CONCENTRATION CAMP). Many others died from disease and starvation. By 1945, about 6 million Jews had been
murdered--two of every three European Jews.

Several Jewish revolts against the Nazis took place in ghettos, slave labor camps, and death camps. The most
famous revolt occurred in 1943, in the Warsaw ghetto. Although the Jews were surrounded and poorly armed,
some held out for about four weeks. Many Jews who managed to escape the ghettos joined bands of fighters
called partisans who performed acts of sabotage.

In most occupied countries, the local people were indifferent to the Holocaust. Some helped the Nazis. But some
non-Jewish individuals risked their lives to save Jews. Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg saved about 100,000
Hungarian Jews. The Danish underground saved 7,000 Jews, most of the Jews of Denmark."

Here is what The World Book Encyclopedia says about The Holocaust Museum:

"Holocaust Memorial Museum, United States, is devoted to remembering the Holocaust--the mass murder of Jews
and other minorities by the Nazis from 1933 to 1945. The museum, which is in Washington, D.C., features films,
photographs, eyewitness accounts, and various objects from the time. It also houses a library and other facilities
dedicated to the study of the Holocaust.

The museum's exhibits are arranged to follow the history of the Holocaust. They begin with the rise of Nazism
during the 1930's and conclude with the Allied liberation of concentration camps (camps for prisoners) at the end
of World War II. The thousands of objects on display include a train car used to take Jews to concentration
camps and containers of the poison gas the Nazis used to kill prisoners in gas chambers at the camps.

In 1980, Congress established the United States Holocaust Memorial Council to oversee the construction of a
museum honoring the victims of the Holocaust. Funds for the museum came from private donations.
The museum opened in 1993."

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