Annie's "Valentine Cards & Gifts Received 2002" Page

I will place the different Valentine Cards & Gifts that I receive on this page!
Stop back by regularly to see the new treasures!!

Click the Basket of Valentines Below to get
Annie's Valentine's Day Card for YOU!
Click the Basket of Valentine's to get Annie's Card for YOU!
It is my FIRST Valentine Card!! Well I added text to a blank card
but I am still really excited to be able to share it with you.

I am so excited!!!
Just received my first award for my Valentine's Day pages!!
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Thank you

Just received this cute card from Donna!
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Thank you

Here is another new Valentine's Day Card!!
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Thank you
Anne Marie!!!

Here is my first Valentine Card for 2002:
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Thank you

Here is a lovely Valentine from my friend Donna!!
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Here is a card from my friend Cara Lynn!!
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Cara Lynn!

This is the new Valentine's Day Card from Mary's Little Lamb Graphics!
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Thank you Mary!

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