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This is a page that gives tips for the programs that Annie uses.
They are available free with Internet Explorer 4.0 & 5.0

How do I get rid of that annoying email that I am getting?

I sure understand and empathize with you on that annoying email you are getting. I have been getting a TON of unwanted and unsolicited email too. Most of it is annoying and some is porn related. So I thought I would show you what I do and make a page so others have the information too.

What NOT to do:
1) DON'T BOTHER emailing these people back or asking to be removed from their list. It just isn't worth the time and you will be added to even MORE email lists.
2) DON'T click on or go to the links that they have to be removed because you are actually be added to even more lists that way!

What to do:
1) Click on the email
2) Go to the top of the email program and choose "message" then "block sender"
3) Then choose "yes" then "ok"
4) It does say that it is "blocking" sender but what it actually does is put the emails right to the deleted folder so you don't have to see them anymore.

How do I make a folder for email from friends?
1) Click on their email
2) Go to the top and choose "message"
3) Then choose "create rule from message"
4) In the second box click on "move to the specified folder"
5) Then in box 3 click on "specified"
6) Now either choose an existing folder or make a new one for your friend
7) Choose where the folder will go
8) Type the name then click OK
9) Then click OK again and then click OK again.
10) That should do it!


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