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"How to Add Wallpaper & Graphics to your Desktop"

How do I add wallpaper to my desktop? Can I add graphics to the desktop and wallpaper? Are there other things that I can change on the desktop? How do I change the colors and font?

Well that is a lot of questions. BUT always remember that the ONLY wrong question is the one not asked!!! So I will do this one question at a time for you! There is a GREAT acronym and it is for the search engine YAHOO. It stands for "You Always Have Other Options" and on the computer that is really true. There generally is never just ONE WAY to do something, you can almost always do it two or three ways and still accomplish the same thing. OK let's get started!

1) How do I add wallpaper to the desktop?

Let's start with the easiest way. You might consider printing the instructions out to make this easier for you but that is not necessary!

a) Go to your favorite graphics site. I have lots of graphics links to wonderful graphics sites here:
b) Read their terms first!!
c) You can use "background graphics" for wallpaper too. Not all sites offer "wallpaper" specifically by that name.
d) Once you are on the page that you like for your wallpaper or background graphic for the desktop RIGHT CLICK on the page!
THAT'S all now you have your choice of WALLPAPER on your DESKTOP!!!
2) How do I add a "graphic or image" to the desktop?
I like to use a nice bright wallpaper and then add a mini calendar graphic in the middle of the desktop. To see the total effect of my desktop for each month click the related month further down the page!

Adding the graphic image is similar to adding the wallpaper.
Once you find the image or graphic that you like "right click on it" then choose "SAVE PICTURE AS" and you need to remember what folder you save the graphic/calendar in. You might consider adding a few new folders. Maybe one named: "My May Wallpaper" or "Your Name"

Now you have the image that you want on the middle of your desktop. Go to the desktop and in the middle just "RIGHT CLICK" and choose "Active Desktop" then choose "Customize my Desktop"

Near the top of that "tab" or "popup window" make sure you have the first box checked. That box is: "view my desktop as a web page"

NOW click on "NEW" and then another window will pop up.
It will ask you if you want to go to Microsoft just click NO for now. You can always do that later if you like.

NOTE: Before you click on "NO" there is another option where it says "click here if you don't want this box to come up again" and that might be a good idea but it is up to you. Either way is fine.

NOW another pop up box or window will pop up and is titled
"Active Desktop Item"
CLICK ON --- the "BROWSE" button.

REMEMBER when I told you that you need to remember where you put that graphic/calendar image? Well that is where you need to go. Follow the path by that little "up arrow folder" near the top.

ONCE you find the graphic that you want to use click on it

CLICK open


THEN click on APPLY

NOW look at your desktop!!

If the image is not "CENTERED" in the middle of the desktop DON'T WORRY. Click on the image and "drag" or "move it" where you want it.

That's it. You should be done now.

LAST QUESTION was about the fonts and colors of the other items or around the items on your desktop. For example the "recycle bin".

On my Desktop that would be WHITE. But yours may be blue or gray.

To change it to WHITE like mine do the following:


2) CLICK the TAB at the TOP that says: "APPEARANCE"

3) The section that says "item" make sure it has "desktop" in the window.

4) You should see under the word COLOR the color of the border of the wording of the items on your desktop.

5) NOW click on COLOR and choose one you like. If none of those appeal to you then click on that bar near the bottom that says: "OTHER" then find and select the color you like. THEN click on OK

6) then click on APPLY and it should be changing the color Then CLICK on OK and the box should go away.

THAT'S all for NOW.

NOW your image MAY NOT be centered. NO PROBLEM!
Just click on the image and drag it to where you want it.

That should do it.
Remember you can change the wallpaper once a month if you like! Or change it more frequently or less whichever you prefer!

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