Annie's "How do you make a link open in a new window?" Page

This is a page that gives tips for HTML using Front Page Express which is the program
that Annie uses. It is available free with Internet Explorer 4.0 & 5.0

"How do you make a link open in a new window?"

How do you make it so that when someone clicks on a link, it brings up a new window? You know what I mean?


1) Open up a page in Front Page Express

2) Go to a link that you made

3) Right click on it

4) Then choose "hyperlink properties"

5) In the "target" box type this: _blank

That should do it.

There are a few different things you can do in the "target" box:
_new will just bring up an open window test it here
_blank will bring up a new window
test it here

Always remember to test a page first!

CGI Scripts has a page that helps you: Open 2 Popups at Once
Here is there page with lots of different scripts:
Windows and Frames


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