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Ideas from Annie to Decorate your Home for Thanksgiving

American Thanksgiving is Celebrated Thursday November 25th, 2010
Canadian Thanksgiving Day is Monday
October 11th, 2010

Here are just a few ideas that came to my mind to share with you.  Remember when we decorate there are really no RULES.  Do what makes YOU happy and helps to put you in a THANKFUL mood.  Now whether you live by yourself or in a large extended family remember that the decorations are not just for the kids.  There is such beauty in the things that the Lord has created.  So bring some of the natural designs from outside into your decorating. 

You might want to remember Thanksgivings from years gone by. Maybe thinking about how you celebrated Thanksgiving when you were a child. This will hopefully bring back good memories for you.   If the memories are not pleasant don't worry we will make some new memories and traditions for you.  We'll try to make you smile just a little.

Whether you have "planned" for company or not, the decorations can be enjoyed by everyone. When you do the decorating by yourself you feel the satisfaction of seeing what you were able to accomplish. But when you do the decorating with a loved who is a child or your friend it can be a "special time", and a celebration all in itself.

Sometimes the Holidays can be a difficult time for many. If you have lost a loved on the Holidays seem to be much harder then other days. It is perfectly normal to have mixed emotions on the holidays. BUT remember that you are NEVER alone.  The Lord is only a prayer away and He is waiting patiently to hear you call His name.

Fall decorations are just the beginning of the Holiday season.

You can buy some really cute small Indian corn, gourds and pumpkins at the grocery store. They were 3 for $1.99 at the local grocery store. They will make a lovely centerpiece. Or you can put them in decorative baskets and place them in the entry way, living room or even the powder room.

Add some fall colored soaps and special Thanksgiving guest towels too.

Scent, color, texture are all important and help us know how to decorate.  Simple is almost always best.  In Interior decorating or design the most important elements are style, form, color and light, scale, and pattern and texture.  These will help in how we decorate for the holidays too.  You may choose to have a THEME or FOCUS for each years Thanksgiving holiday.  The theme for my pages is "Make Faith Your Focus this Year".   But of course you are only limited by your own imagination.

Why not have some family fun time before you sit down to have your feast.  If you live in the North why not take a nature walk and gather the leaves you will need together. And if the leaves are all gone how about some pine cones or acorns.

Never go visiting empty handed. Even if it isn't a special occasion. Whether you are going to a friend or family members home or a first time visit, that shouldn't matter. You might want to keep a few things on hand or take something you have fashioned with your own hands. That way you won't be caught off guard or without something to take.  Whether is a gift for the Hostess or something for the meal, the smallest of gestures is very much appreciated. Of course, I'm sure you all probably offer to help with any large Holiday meal. 

You might consider taking your special dessert.  Or why not take a fresh bouquet of flowers? You can never have too many desserts.  If you are like me (not really handy in the kitchen) you can call the bakery and order something special.  It really doesn't matter what you bring because it's the thought that counts.

Let the children help you to decide on some different ideas for the decorating.  You may want to think about  some special activities to do as a family.  How about taking a family picture each year?  Make the dress code for dinner semi formal or dress casual.  No jeans this year.  Now don't get me wrong, I love my sweats and jeans but these are only ideas.

You could also ask everyone to write out their favorite Bible Verse and then have each on read them before you say grace.

Why not make a small vignette with your Thanksgiving
decorations, leaves and the harvest gourds?

How about some fall colored candles?  You might like the texture and color of Beeswax candles. Maybe some silk or real flowers and leaves in fall colors.

Don't over do it.
Sometimes MORE is too much and not BETTER, its just MORE.

If you are a "crafty" person you might want to make a Thanksgiving/Fall Wreath for the front door.  Or you could purchase one too.  Thanksgiving time is often when many Churches have their Christmas Bazaars, Crafts and Bake Sales.

You can make some turkey crafts too.  I have a Turkey Beanie Baby that is on top of a wooden basket with miniature corn and gourds.  Pilgrim candles or stuffed ones are cute too.

Make some place cards for your Thanksgiving table.  You can just fold some heavy white paper in half.  Like a TENT.  Hence "tent cards".  Use the computer this year.  This way you can have some great graphics and if you use a fancy font it will look like you did the calligraphy by hand.  The place cards add a nice personal touch.

They can be placed on the table early if you don't use the table where you will be serving Thanksgiving dinner.  Actually the evening before
Thanksgiving Day is a good time to set the table.

How about giving a small remembrance of the dinner for your family and guests to take home with them?  It doesn't have to be elaborate.  It can be anything.  But make them small and have them blend with your Thanksgiving table color scheme.  How about small decorative candles by each place card?  They would be part of the table decorations and then they will be surprised that they can take them home.

Purchase some special Thanksgiving Serviettes/Napkins for the table or use some lovely linen napkins. They don't have to all be plain in color, try a simple plaid or a pin stripe.  Your choice will depend on the table cloth that you use.

Napkin folding is almost a lost art.  If you don't know how to fold napkins you can visit your local library for some help.  Napkin rings are a nice touch to any table.  Why not let the kids make some special napkin rings.  You can take an empty roll of paper towels.   Cut them about an inch or two wide.  Then tape or glue colored wrapping paper or construction paper over them. You might want to glue one or two small fall items on them.  The children will enjoy making these decorations for you.  They can also make a special placemat out of a piece of construction paper and crayons.  Instead of or in addition to "bought" Thanksgiving cards you might try to use that Greeting Card Software that you bought.  My mother loves the way you can put her name right on the front of the card and add Bible verses to them.   On my "Annie's Kids Thanksgiving Page" has some coloring sheets that you can print out and have for the children to color either ahead of time or for a Thanksgiving
day activity for them.

Scent is also important.  Since it is the fall season how about scented candles simply boiling some water with herbs or spices in them. Cinnamon is always a favorite.

How about putting some "PRAISE" or Piano music on instead of the TV?  Well just until the Football game is on.

Don't forget the Macy's Parade!!!
Canada has their Santa Claus Parade on the American Thanksgiving weekend.

There are many more opportunities to make this Thanksgiving a Special Family Event.  You don't have to have company to celebrate.  Start making family traditions and memories this year.

~Written by Annie 1998~


More Decorating Tips:
Here are some suggestions from a few of my friends:

Denice's Ideas:
My friend Denice shared with me that she burns Pumpkin flavored candles. The aroma makes you think that there is a pumpkin pie in the oven. Read what Denice shared with me about how she decorates:
"Decorating and all those special touches have always been my "signature". I would cook for days and decorate for days....I would even decorate the bathroom. But I agree with what you said about "less is more"....this year, THAT will be my Holiday decorating motto. We will be going to Mom's for dinner this year for Thanksgiving and we usually put up our tree and my rather extensive snowman collection the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I love scented candles... and at Thanksgiving I have a spiced pumpkin one that I burn... it smells just like pumpkin pie baking. I am a candle fanatic. I burn them everyday in almost every room. Here in my room right now I have a spiced apple one burning. Do you burn candles a lot? "

Laura's Ideas:
Laura who is also a friend of mine has these decorating suggestions:
"I have a little decorating thing I do.  I buy these little starched doily baskets at Walmart and spray paint them in brown or burnt orange.  They're only about 4" tall.  They have different styles.  I make artificial leaves from leaf graphics on my computer - print them out and cut them out.  I insert them, and add little things like miniature birdhouses, little pumpkins and miniature corn.  Then I tie various fall-colored raffia around the baskets. These are then hung up throughout the house and I take down some of the existing things.  It really adds a festive flair."

Jennifer's Ideas:
Here is a GREAT fragrant idea from my friend Jennifer:
"I LOVED your decorating page!!!  Something I enjoy doing that is relatively inexpensive..."dress up" your potpourri *_*  I like to put tiny pinecones, cinnamon sticks, and dried flowers (from our garden).  When it's time to "switch" from Thanksgiving to Christmas, I add miniature glass balls *_* It's also less expensive to add pot pourri oil to "refresh" the scent than to buy new potpourri when the old loses it's fragrance *_*  Just place your bowl-full of potpourri in a bag (pinecones, cinnamon sticks, dried flowers, & ALL *_*), add a few drops of oil, and shake it up.  Works GREAT *_*"

Enjoy your Holiday decorating!
Remember we can express beauty as well as see it.

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Isn't it time to start making some new memories?
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