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How Stepmother's Day came to be:

August 29, 2000

Dear Friends,

My dear, dear 9-year-old stepdaughter has just given me the greatest of gifts. Last May, she decided that
step-moms should have their own special day set aside to celebrate the unique relationship that exists. She
decided that the Sunday after Mother’s Day would be a good time for this "holiday". She went all out and
it was a wonderful day for us all.

Because of that, we began to think that all step-moms should know about this special day, and sent a letter to
our US Representative, Rick Santorum. Much to the excitement and delight of our family, we received a copy of
the Congressional Record, No. 88, Vol. 146 that was read on the Senate floor on Tuesday, July 11
th of this
year. In it Mr. Santorum recognizes that the "Sunday after Mother’s Day would now be Stepmother’s Day" and
recognizes my stepdaughter, Lizzie, as "creating a holiday just for the recognition of this type of relationship".
I have enclosed a copy (under separate cover... I do need your mailing address) of the Congressional Record
for you to have and I trust that you will take a minute to read it.

I would like very much to follow up on this for Lizzie, to show her government in action and that one small
creative idea on the part of someone, no less a child, can cause change to take place and impact the lives of
many, many folks. What a great example this would be to her and would be an incredible life lesson for her
and other children around the country.

Having read the history on how Mother’s Day got started back in 1908 by Julia Ward Howe, I am contacting
various organizations and persons of influence in the hopes that we can get the word out about Stepmother’s Day
as well. It is important that the impact of this simple loving gesture on the part of Lizzie be felt not just by
our family, but shared and celebrated by stepmothers everywhere. Being a stepmom is a privilege and is unique
and set apart from biological mothering. There has been such a stigma attached to the relationship in the past
and it is time that this special relationship is acknowledged and promoted. I am truly honored, blessed and
touched by the relationship we share and this loving gift she has given me.

Although we are nine months away from the next Stepmother’s Day, it is my hope that you can be a part of
promoting this idea and getting the day as established as any of the other days in the year that we set aside to
honor special folks and events. To be a change agent for this special day is an extraordinarily exciting challenge
and responsibility. We are thrilled to be able to contact you and for the prospect of you helping us to kick off
this very special day.

We look forward to hearing from you with your thoughts, ideas, comments and suggestions as to how we can get
the word out. We have contacted you because of the unique position of influence you hold in the promotion of
family, news and culture in this country. Please let us know how we can serve each other in this endeavor. We
look so forward to hearing from you. Please contact us at the above numbers.
Warmly, Joyce and Lizzie Capuzzi

Here is the email that she sent to President Bush

----- Original Message ----- From: J. Capuzzi To: Sent: Wednesday, February 28,
2001 6:47 PM Subject: Stepmother's Day

Dear President Bush,   For several years, my darling 10 year old stepdaughter has initiated and  celebrated
"Stepmother's Day", which she created to be the Sunday following Mother's Day.  She celebrates our relationship
in new and creative ways each year.  Last year, she wrote to our Senator (Santorum) and told him about this.
Much to our surprise and delight, he read her letter to Congress on July 11, 2000 and he sent us a copy of the
Congressional Record, dated the same.  I will send a copy to you under seperate cover, but this is what it says:
  "Mr. President, I rise today to offer my support for the many stepparents that contribute to the loves of the
children that they help raise.  I was sent a letter on May 21, 2000 from Mrs. Joyce Capuzzi informing me that
the Sunday after Mother's Day would now be Stepmother's Day.  Joyce's stepdaughter, Lizzie, came to this
decision as she recognized the importance of the relationship she has with her stepmother.  I commend both
Joyce and Lizzie for embracing their new family members in this manner.  Many people are blessed with
step-relationships similar to the Capuzzis.  However, none have ever illustrated that with the idea of creating a
holiday just for the recognition of this type of relationship.  It is wonderful that Lizzie Capuzzi holds so much
love for her stepmother, and it is my hope that their relationship can be an example for other stepfamilies." 
  Needless to say we were both overwhelmed and very touched.  Dear Lizzie was weeping as she read it.  I would
like very much to get the word out about Stepmother's Day and thought you could be the catalyst to bring this
to fruition.  It is my hope that Lizzie can see this through from an idea and dream she created to having you
officially declare it a holiday like Mother's and Father's Day. What a life...and civics...lesson for her.  I surely
hope that you can help our family with this.... maybe even in time for this year's celebration!!!  I would love to
talk with you about this. Thank you ever so much.
Warmly, Joyce Foresman-Capuzzi

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