Jake's Summer Olympic Scramble Answers Page

qcsaauti - Aquatics
hecrray - Archery
scitelhta - Athletics
nnotimbad - Badminton
aabbells - Baseball
lsaltbaekb - Basketball
xognib - Boxing
enoacgni - Canoeing
ccygnil - Cycling
nairtseuqe - Equestrian
cingfen - Fencing
toobfall - Football
mygsanscit - Gymnastics
hallband - Handball
ohkcye - Hockey
douj - Judo
dernom nepthatnol - Modern pentathlon
wirong - Rowing
liiasng - Sailing
singhoot - Shooting
sofabllt - Softball
elabt nniest - Table Tennis
adeknootw - Taekwondo
nniest - Tennis
artlonith - Triathlon
yellollbav - Volleyball
eightwiftingl - Weightlifting
restglinw - Wrestling

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Jakes Summer Olympic Scramble Page

Here is the official site:
Athens 2004 Summer Olympic Games

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