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Here are the answers to the trivia questions.

Question 1: True, the Germans created songs such as Silent Night and O Tannanbaum
(Oh Christmas Tree).

Question 2: The Christmas card was invented in the Victorian era.

Question 3: There are different opinions about who did invent the Christmas card. Some
saw John Calcott Horsley, but others say because he was giving the card to Sir Henry
Cole, since it was his idea, that he invented it.

Question 4: True or False? False, the X in the word X-mas was NOT made because the
Chinese did not believe in Christ, the X is from Greek letters. In the Greek letters,
X means Christ.

Question 5: The creator of the candy cane put several qualities into the candy cane to
remind people about Christ. The J shape for Jesus, and if you flip it, it looks like a
shepherds hook. The white is for the purity of Jesus, and the red is for our sins.

Question 6: False, The Christmas tree use to be used to hang small presents and food,
which the children would play with and eat on Christmas morning.

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