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"Thy righteousness is like the mountains of God;
Thy judgments are a great deep: O Jehovah,
thou preservest man and beast."
~Psalms 36:6~

A Poem about My Cat
~By Jake~

My Cat is very loveable,
My cat is very jumpy,

we found him at a dumpster,

He was so very hungry.

We looked in the Bible for verses with the word "cat" but had no
luck. So we thought we would let you know what kinds of
were listed:

"Leopards" is mentioned twice. Song of Solomon 4:8 & Hab 1:8
"Leopard" is mentioned six times

The only other LARGE cat mentioned in the Bible was the "Lion" and it was mentioned 83 times. "Lions" was mentioned 43 times.

Many people have different kinds of animals for family pets.

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What is your cat's name?

My cat's name is "MP" short for Mischievous Pease. The reason I changed his name from "munchkin" is because he is not little anymore.

What kind of "cat" is "MP"?

M.P. is a Maine Coon.

Here is a Page about this breed
of cat:
Maine Coon Page

What kind of food does
"MP" like?

He likes "tuna" but that is just
a treat. His regular food is "Friskies Tuna Select."

What is MP's Favorite

MP has tons of toys
but his favorite thing
to do is hiding under
the covers on the bed.


Here is the Story of "MP"

My cat's name is "MP". "MP" stands for "Munchkin." We found "M.P." like this............We had to take out the trash and for a science project I had to collect bugs. So we decided to walk to the dumpster. When we got to the dumpster, and I heard a "meow". I looked to see where the noise was coming from. There was a small kitten stretching on the dumpster. He was looking for food. It was so cute and sweet. My Dad insisted that we couldn't keep him. The reason Dad said we couldn't keep the kitten was because he scratched my Dad. But it was funny to watch. I begged him to let me keep the kitten and he finally said "YES".
My friend Karen gave him a flea bath. We had to take him to the Vet for shots and he WHINED like crazy. We bought him TONS of toys and he doesn't even use them.

Here are some interesting and little known facts about CATS:

In a situation in which you would be utterly lost a cat knows how to find its way home. This may by because of visual memory and sense of smell perhaps because of changes in the earths magnetic fields.

A cat's meow can express curiosity, hunger, or loneliness. Some experts estimate that a cat can make more than 60 different sounds, which originate in its larynx, or voice box.

About 55 million cats are kept as pets in the United States. About 4 million pet cats live in Canada.

They see better in dim light than people do.

They can climb trees, run at a high speed, and leap long distances.

Cats also have a keen sense of balance and can easily walk along the tops of narrow fences or along narrow ledges.

When cats fall, they almost always land on their feet.

The ancient Egyptians considered cats sacred.

Today, people in many societies believe cats bring good fortune.

But, Some people associate black cats with bad luck and so fear them.

The skeleton of a cat has about 250 bones.

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