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"And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death,
neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more
for the former things are passed away."
~Revelations 21:4~

Practical Tips from Annie:

"It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I
might learn thy statutes."
~Psalm 119:71~

  • Decrease your salt intake
  • Slowly decrease you SODA and ASPARATAME intake
  • NO MSG (you will even see this in BBQ Potato Chips so read the ingredients) Here is another MSG article
  • Stay Warm!! - When it is damp, cold, and humid where you live you will tend to hurt more. With RSD it is hard to keep hands and feet warm. Our body temperature is below normal most of the time with RSD and keeping the extrimities warm is challenging at best. Once your hands get cold it is really hard to warm them up again. To help keep me warm I throw my socks in the dryer and then put them on. They are nice are warm. You can throw in an extra pair of socks and put them on your hands if needed. Wearing 2 pair of socks helps too.
  • If you have Chronic pain you should use a moist heat - heating pad
  • If you take Estrogen see if your doctor will allow you to switch to one that has less side effects. This could be why you are not sleeping through the night. "Black Cohosh" is a natural herbal supplement that you might consider. Always check with your doctor about taking herbs some will be contraindicated with some medications or for specific health conditions.
  • DECREASE STRESS - It is not the action BUT our reaction that is the biggest problem.
  • Read a Proverb and a Psalm a day. There are 31 Proverbs that are full of wisdom and sage advice. "You get more with honey then vinegar."
  • Buy a "Dr. Grip Pen" by PILOT Pens. It is a large pen you can hold. Made for people with Arthritis. Available at Walmart.
  • Wear slip on shoes and comfortable clothes. Zippers are easier then buttons. There are adaptable devices at the Pharmacy that you can buy to make simple tasks a little easier.
  • Try to use herbs and vitamins.
  • FIND a Doctor who will LISTEN and RESPECT you
  • Consider looking into Massage Therapy. Some insurances companies now consider this as acceptable treatment for Chronic Pain and other conditions.
  • Saundra has a wonderful and very practical page for anyone with Chronic Pain and Illness. So please visit this page that she made to help us. You may want to print it out and put it on the fridge and read it often: Coping with Chronic Illness and Pain
  • Take Calcium - There are different brands and kinds but make sure it is the Calcium Citrate.
  • Don't forget to use herbs and mineral supplements. If you use Calcium you can't forget to take Magnesium with a 2x1 ratio.
  • Amino Acids are said to help with FMS & CFS.
  • Get you teeth checked regularly. It is amazing how sick you can be if your teeth are bad. If you clench your teeth that can cause sleep and myofacial problems too. Don't put off having teeth pulled. Yes it is painful but you will feel better. It is thought by some that older cavities, root canals and caps can actually release a type of poison or toxin into your system and cause symptoms that mimic Chronic Fatigue, Myofacial problems, Depression, Panic Attacks and even Migraines. Now don't get me wrong. I am not suggesting that IF you have all your teeth pulled and get dentures that you will feel better. Of course I am not saying that it won't either. It is something for you to talk about with an Oral Surgeon. Check prices before you just choose any doctor to do oral surgery.
  • Ask your Doctor about Wellbutrin and Fibromyalgia. There are some new and interesting studies that Zyban or Wellbutrin is helping those with Myofacial & Chronic Pain.
  • Music. Play on an old "record", cassette or a new CD then sing along. Put the "oldies" on. The songs that you know all the words to. You will be smiling before you know it.
  • Distraction does help pain. When I look for graphics it helps to take my mind off the pain. Even if it is just for a little while. So now we can have "Computer Therapy" and "Music Therapy" to help distract us on those difficult pain days.
  • Drink LOTS of WATER!!! The best is distilled water because it doesn't have the chlorine that is in most tap water. Chlorine kills the good flora in the intestinal tract. Have you heard that you are suppose to drink 8 glasses of water a day? Water will help you feel full and quench your thirst. Your body needs the water to function properly. Tea doesn't count as water. It is a diuretic. If the water is COLD it will make it much easier to drink! To make your water more appealing to drink try using a fancy water glass or use a garnish of fresh lemons or limes. Don't get dehydrated.
  • Do you have Hot Flashes? Are you Menopausal? Do you have Fibromyalgia? Are you taking a synthetic Estrogen? Have you had a hysterectomy? Well you might want to talk to your doctor or health food store owner about "NATURAL Progesterone Cream". Just a little on your wrist twice a day will make you feel like a different person. You might actually feel almost human again. Here is a site: Natural Progesterone
  • BREAKING PAIN NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pain is in the genes, says study - A patient's sensitivity to pain is determined by their genetic make-up, according to research that could herald a new generation of treatments.
  • Approaching your doctor - If you would like to pray with your doctors as a way to help the healing process, how do you let your physicians know?
  • Spiritual side of healing edges into doctor's office - ATLANTA -- Dr. Robert Cowgill was a disbeliever.
  • Visit Annie's: Annie's "Don't Worry" Page - for simple & easy hints to help you "not worry".
  • Annie's How Are you Feeling Page & Annie's "How are you feeling?" Links Page - about systemic candida
  • RSD TIP for those with RSD in your ARMS: This might sound "simplistic" or "silly" for that matter but they have sure helped me. And with RSD even a minute or two of help makes a difference. When my arms "burn" it helps to put them on the outside of the fridge to "cool" them down a little. Another tip is when your arms are really sensitive to "touch" try wearing your shirt inside out. I know that the seams really bother my arms and this is a way to have just a "little" help with your nagging pain and bothersome symptoms.
  • Learn about Additives and Food Additives & Color Additives. has a page about Allergies and food allergies are there
  • Is Olestra Safe? You decide. Check this page: The Facts About Olestra
  • Don't warm things in the microwave in plastic dishes or containers. The molecules breakdown and really you don't eat plastic anymore!! Use Glass containers instead.
  • Check out my Annie's Recall Page
  • Support from others going through the things you struggle with is so important. It is so nice to have someone listen and pray for you. I have a group call Annie's Email Encouragers. Also check out my friend Patty's new Prayer and Support group for those dealing with chronic pain and illness: The Garden of Rest

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