Annie's Armed Forces Day Page
~Celebrated on Saturday May 21st, 2011~
~Always on the third Saturday of the month of May~

Here is what The World Book Encyclopedia says:
"The third Saturday of the month is Armed Forces Day, when the United States honors
the men and women of the military services. In 1950, the Armed Forces Day celebration
combined the Army, Navy, and Air Force tributes, which had been held
at separate times.

Armed Forces Day honors all branches of the armed forces of the United States.
It is celebrated on the third Saturday of May with military exercises on land,
at sea, and in the air. Military installations are usually open to the public on
Armed Forces Day. President Harry S. Truman proclaimed Armed Forces Day, and
it was first celebrated in May 1950. It replaced three separate celebrations for
the Air Force, Army, and Navy. James V. Forrestal, the first secretary of
defense, helped unite the armed services under the Department
of Defense after World War II ended in 1945."

Compton's Encyclopedia says this:
"Armed Forces Day, U.S. holiday honoring all branches of military; celebrated on the
third Saturday in May; created by presidential proclamation in 1950; originally
Army Day, celebrated on April 6 (1936-49); traditionally issued once by
each administration; holidays by the same name are celebrated in Benin,
Rwanda, Burma, Chile, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Honduras,
Liberia, Mauritania, and Zaire."

Armed Forces Day Links:
eHow to Celebrate Armed Forces Day
History of Armed Forces Day
2001 Armed Forces Day Artwork
DefenseLINK - Armed Forces Day
Armed Forces Day
Holiday Insights - Armed Forces Day
Armed Forces Graphics from
Bobbie Peachey

Christian Military Ministries:
Christian Military Fellowship
Christian Military Fellowship different site
Cadence International
The Chaplain's Page
Military Communities Youth Ministries
Missions To Military
Navigators Military Ministry
Navy Christian Link-up
Officer's Christian Fellowship of the USA
The Navigators - Military Ministry

Christian Military Wives & Families Pages:
4 Seests in Paradise has this page Mysterious Fathoms Below- Sub Page!
Military Wives 4 Christ

New & Interesting Sites I Have Found!
Operation Paperback - "Giving our troops the opportunity to escape into a good book since 1999."
Operation Adopt A Platoon
Operation Foot Care Patrol (this is a part of OAAP above) - You can send socks or powder.
Send one item or ten. But it will help our troops to have healthy feet!!
Two more operations to take part in:
Operation Don't Bug Me & Operation Last Call for Chocolate
'The Hug Lady' Holds All Troops Close to Her Heart
Guardian Angels For Soldier’s Pet Program
Honoring Our Heroes with Kroger and P&G
Sesame Street and USO Experience for Military Families
Military Children Add Joy to Care Package Stuffing Event
Lots of Links to check out with different sites that are helping our Troops!!

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Official US Military Sites:
Department of Defense
United States Army
United States Navy
United States Air Force
United States Marine Corps
United States Coast Guard
To Check the US Troop Status visit:
The United States Navy & Navy Fact File

Related Military Information:
Join the Military Reserves
Join the Army
Join the Coast Guard
Join the National Guard
Join the Air Force
Join the Marines
Join the Navy

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~Celebrated on Saturday
May 21st, 2011~

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