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"The Christmas season begins on the Sunday nearest November 30th."
~Advent Begins November 29th, 2009~
Future Advent Dates: Novemeber 28th, 2010 & November 27th, 2011 & December 2nd, 2012
December 1st, 2013 & November 30th, 2014 & November 29th, 2015

Advent is generally celebrated by Protestants and Catholics. Of course I realize that Jesus was most probably
not born on Christmas day but many Christians do celebrate Christmas. This is a good alternative celebration
for your family to use this time of year as a learning experience and to increase your faith.

Here is what the Dictionary says about Advent:

Main Entry:
Pronunciation: 'ad-"vent,
chiefly British -v&nt
Etymology: Middle English, from Medieval Latin
adventus, from Latin, arrival, from
Date: 12th century
1 : the period beginning four Sundays before Christmas and observed by some
Christians as a season of prayer and fasting
2 a : the coming of Christ at the Incarnation b :
3 not capitalized : a coming into being or use <the advent of spring> <the advent
of pasteurization> <the
Advent of personal computers>

What does the Bible say about ADVENT?
I looked in the Bible but the word "ADVENT" wasn't there.

Here is what The World Book Encyclopedia says about Advent:
"Advent, pronounced AD vehnt, is the season that marks the beginning of the Christian church year. It starts on
the Sunday nearest St. Andrew's Day (November 30), and it continues until Christmas Eve (December 24). The
term comes from the Latin word adventus, which means coming or arrival. The season is thus one of preparation
for the celebration of the feast of the Nativity of Jesus Christ on Christmas Day.

Beginning in the 500's, the Advent season was marked by a spirit of penitence, and it lasted as long as six weeks.
Under the influence of the church in Rome, the season was gradually reduced to four weeks. The season in
modern times has taken on a spirit of somber yet joyful preparation for the Advent of Christ, both in His birth in
Bethlehem and on Judgment Day. During Advent, the clergy usually wear vestments of royal purple or royal blue."
Footnote: Actually, it precedes the Christmas season. Advent is one season - Christmas is another season.

~More information about Advent from The World Book Encyclopedia~
"Religious practices: For most Christians, the Christmas season begins on the Sunday nearest November 30. This
date is the feast day of Saint Andrew, one of the 12 apostles of Christ. The nearest Sunday is the first day of
Advent, a four-week period during which Christians prepare for the celebration of Christmas. The word advent
means a coming and refers to the coming of Jesus on Christmas Day.

Many Christians have an Advent wreath in their homes during the holiday season. Most of these wreaths are made
of evergreen or holly branches and may lie on a table or hang on a door. Four candles, one for each Sunday of
Advent, are placed among the branches. On the first Sunday, the family lights one candle and joins in prayer.
They repeat this ceremony on each Sunday of Advent, lighting one additional candle each time. Three of the
candles are dark purple, and the fourth is pink or light purple. It remains unlit until the third Sunday, when
people celebrate the beginning of the second half of Advent. A large red candle, which symbolizes Jesus, is
added to the wreath on Christmas Day.

In many countries, people use special Advent calendars or Advent candles to keep track of the 24 days before
Christmas. An Advent calendar has a colorful Christmas scene, and each date is printed on a flap. One flap is
lifted daily to uncover a holiday picture or a Biblical verse. On an Advent candle, the dates appear in a row down
the side. Each evening, the candle is lit and then burned down to the next date. By Christmas Day,
the entire candle has melted."

Compton's Encyclopedia tells us this about Advent:
"Advent, period of preparation in the Christian church beginning on the Sunday nearest to Nov. 30 (St. Andrew's
Day) and continuing until the celebration of the birth of Jesus on Christmas (Dec. 25); considered the beginning
of the church year; date when season first observed is uncertain, possibly as early as 5th century; Protestant
customs include adorning altars and pulpits in purple as a symbol of somber reflection; Roman Catholics forbid
solemnization of marriage during Advent; Advent wreath bears four candles, one of which is lighted
every Sunday until the Sunday before Christmas.

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