; Annie's "Top 10 and Featured Cards" Page

Annie's "Top 10 and Featured Cards" Page

~Encourage Someone Today!~

Weekly Top 10 Cards Sent
~Updated 3/5/08~

Birthday Wishes or Birthday Smiles & Birthday Fun
I Love You
Easter cards - Easter is Match 23rd!
Spring cards
Wedding Anniversary
Thank You
Belated Birthday
Email Of Appreciation Week os March 9th - 15th
Get Well Soon
Miss You

Everyday Cards in Spanish and Stay In Touch - Chinese
Stay In Touch - Spanish & Cute Cards - Spanish


Show Someone You Care!
Tell someone that "You Care For Them" by sending a Card!!!
One kind word can mean more then you think!
Don't Forget These Favorites!
Support Cards to Encourage Others!
Send a Christian Encouraging Card from the
Spirituality section

Upcoming Holiday Cards:
For all of the unusual holiday cards visit:
Events & Holidays Card Page

Sending Upcoming Holiday Celebration Greetings:
Send it now and postdate the delivery.
Cards can only be postdated 60 days in advance.

These cards are provided by 123 Greetings. I do not necessarily agree
with all the types of cards, music or ad banners that are on some of
the pages. Please remember that we need to always use wisdom
& discernment on the web.

Presidents' Day

New Things To Try Out!


International Women's Day is March 8th, 2008!
International Women's Day is March 8th, 2008

St. Patrick's Day is March 17th!
March 17th is
St. Patrick's Day

Birthday Wishes
Birthday Wishes

March is Women's History Month
March is
Women's History Month

Spring  is Mar 20th - Jun 19th, 2008
Spring is Mar 20th - Jun 19th, 2008

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